old cottage in a valley next to river

Lock Keeper Cottage & the noble Allis Shad

Atkinson Architects are working closely with The Canal & River Trust, Devon Wildlife Trust and Natural England to protect the very rare and beautiful Allis Shad freshwater fish. 

Our site at Lock Keeper Cottage on the banks of The River Tamar is itself a Scheduled Ancient Monument and Listed Building – but also the only known breeding location in Devon for the Allis Shad. 

Plans to construct a special weir and shallow water ladder to allow the fish to swim upstream back to their spawning grounds – similar to the main one along the River Severn as shown on the BBC this summer. 

The Allis Shad is often called The Georgian Salmon but due to changing river levels and the loss of small weirs, the fish have been unable to maintain their breeding grounds and cycle over the past century. 

This is a fantastic and fascinating project for us to be working on.

UPDATE: this listed cottage has now been repaired with a new two-storey wing added to it.

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