A light touch

Atkinson Architects promote the use of sustainable and progressive building technologies that have a ‘light touch’ on the environment, using regional resources and materials wherever possible.

Through research and on-site investigations we gather knowledge on local climate, historic evolution, regional materials and vernacular building techniques. This knowledge is then applied to the design process to create contemporary architecture that is firmly rooted to the specific characteristics of a place.

We want our completed works to last a lifetime, improve with age and enhance the beautiful townscapes and natural landscapes of Devon and Cornwall.

Modern extension to house using copper detail

healthy environments

The physical well-being and mental health of all those who inhabit and encounter our buildings are of paramount importance - we strive to improve quality of life and enjoyment of spaces.

Creating healthy environments for both conservation work and new buildings involves a balance of aesthetic qualities alongside technical factors. Every client brief is carefully assessed to establish the best approach - be it a natural, low embodied energy one, or a more technological strategy such as Passive House design.

People sat outside Lopwell Dam Cafe overlooking River Tavy

We use our skill and construction expertise to design for optimum daylight, fresh air, controlled sunlight, warmth, sense of enclosure and year round comfort.

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