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Buildings & Gardens in Harmony

To celebrate the start of British summertime, Atkinson Architects recently enjoyed a staff day out to visit several of our completed and current projects in Devon and Cornwall.

We focussed particularly on how our architecture and landscape design dovetail with each building, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also a technical one.

For example, here, at Grade II Listed Trewin House, Sheviock, Cornwall – the dense banks of planted shrubs, and compact trees that abut the building facade help to prevent damp as well as looking beautiful.

It is a traditional landscape principle found on many old buildings, where the plants soak up moisture from the ground, thereby taking it away from the foundations and load-bearing masonry walls, which are porous.

Careful renovation of exposed facing stone and brick with new lime pointing, new sash windows and positive rainwater management – all contribute to a drier, healthier building and interior.

Understanding these characteristics is a key component of our holistic approach to design.

The correct choice of regional plants; camellias, rhododendrons, agapanthus, honeysuckle, jasmine and roses sit wonderfully amidst wildflower meadows.

architecture and landscape design,Buildings,Gardens,rainwater management

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