New Low Energy House Totnes Devon

Contemporary Low Energy Homes in Devon AONB

Atkinson Architects have recently secured planning approvals for new Eco-Friendly family homes in The Tamar Valley AONB (Calstock) and The South Devon AONB (Totnes). Both jobs are progressing towards construction in the Summer with private clients who are committed to minimising their carbon footprint and energy use.

A core value is our approach to sustainable design, recyclable materials and buildings created with low embodied energy. We seek to design spacious buildings with appropriate forms and orientation – rather than the use of too much technology.

The Totnes house meets Passive Haus ICF standards and the Calstock one will be constructed with massively insulated recycled glass floors and wood fibre walls.

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Low embodied energy house. Calstock, Tamar Valley AONB

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