Atkinson Architects Low Energy House Devon Conrwall Crop

New Low Energy Contemporary Houses

Atkinson Architects have several projects for new bespoke houses at different stages of the RIBA Plan of Work. Some at concept design and planning stage, others under construction on site.

All our jobs have two underlying themes:

Firstly, to create a contextual, contemporary dwelling suited to the South West climate throughout Devon and Cornwall. Wet, salty, windy, hot, humid and sunny!

Secondly, to use low embodied energy building techniques that produce energy-efficient homes with low running costs.

A wide range of construction methods are being used including – Nudura ICF, timber frame, rammed earth and thin joint thermal blocks.

Our aim is to create stylish, comfortable homes using the highest quality materials that improve with age.

As a practice we are wholly committed to carbon reduction in the construction industry. 

We also favour using regional materials, trades and craftsmen to minimise the carbon footprint of a project from design through to occupation.

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