Devon Banks Cornish Hedge

Biodiversity and Ecological Design

Atkinson Architects consider the protection and enhancement of the South West natural environment to be fundamentally important. Future planning legislation will demand that all developments make positive contributions to the biodiversity of a site and we are working hard to be at the forefront of this policy. 

Across Devon and Cornwall we have encountered and improved many types of landscape – both natural and those shaped over the centuries by human endeavour: 

  • Dartmoor clitter mounds, stone rows and bermed settlements. 
  • Dartmoor farmstead sluice ponds for livestock. 
  • Traditional Devon Banks and Cornish Hedges planted with indigenous wildflowers and berry trees. 
  • Natural ponds for maximum biodiversity. 
  • Coastal seaside gardens. 
  • Habitats for owls, bats, bees, protected birds, butterflies and the humble worm. 
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