Valletort Road, Plymouth, Devon

Victorian Townhouse Remodelling and Extension

The house forms part of the Stoke Conservation Area and is a Victorian terraced townhouse with many distinguishing architectural features which have all been retained. The whole of the back half of the house, previously with dark, cellular rooms, has been dramatically opened up to provide better views and access into the walled garden.

A new glazed gable end, open roof truss kitchen has been designed to complement the side link extension. Dining room ergonomics have been maximised as the area now spans the full building plot - creating a large scale space for communal gatherings.

The spilt level connections through to the formal rooms of the main house have been achieved through cleverly detailed chicket roofs that also ensure daylight is maintained deep in the ground floor. A simple palette of high-quality natural materials have been used throughout; limestone floor, granite surfaces, hardwood windows, plaster and slate.

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