Flete Cottage, South Hams, Devon

Grade II Listed Estate Gatehouses

Originally a gatehouse lodge to The Flete Estate, the property is now a small family home that has been modernised internally with a small rear extension. The architectural approach to restoring the roof was to work from the underside outwards so that the unique, undulating character of the pitched roof could be retained.

To do this, the slates were painstakingly removed and catalogued - cleaned and stored for salvage.

The old, bent roof structure was then carefully strengthened with infill trusses and bracing - to create a stable roof, but one that retained the hog and sag shape. This was then heavily insulated and a new ceiling put in.

The beautiful Delabole slate scantle roof was then re-laid with the prominent gable end headers defining the edge of each pitch and eaves line. Traditional lead vents, flashings and cast-iron rainwater goods complete an overall picture achieved by skilled local craftsmen and South Hams artisanal roofers.

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