Acre Place, Plymouth, Devon

Georgian Townhouse Remodelling and Extension

Acre Place sits in the Stoke Conservation Area and is an early 19th-century townhouse built for the Admiralty in Plymouth. The rear tenement was dilapidated and has been completely reconstructed by Richard as part of the family home plus the office/studio for Atkinson Architects. Spending a couple of years on-site, working with the tools and materials we like, provides the greatest understanding when dealing with clients and builders on other projects.

An overriding aim was to use as many salvaged materials as possible - putting into practice one of the main principles that we promote. Hence the inclusion of tissue-thin, old Delabole slates as wall cladding, sash windows from a Georgian hotel in Teignmouth, wooden floors from the Grand Hotel in Plymouth and limestone flagstones from The Barbican. All sourced from certified places and through architectural merchants.


These wonderful old materials with a rich patina exist alongside high-quality modern construction with heavily insulated walls, floor and roof to create a low energy home.

The Acre Place scheme was done on a tight budget whilst the family home remained occupied, so we are used to managing the balance between a construction site and a dwelling.

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